This area is strictly for fun.. Here you will find some games for your children (or you) to play and unwind..
NOTE: These games were designed for a computer screen and will not do well on a mobile phone.

Plot your biorhythm; the "master internal clock” that regulates physical condition, emotions and intellectual cycles.
  Tetris The classic Tetris with music (music only works in I.E.)
  BattleshipWeb You sink my battleship!
  BeginnerChess Beginner's Chess. I never completed some of the advance logic so this is like playing with a very beginner.
  WebSudoku Never understood why people can be so addicted to this game.
  WebYahtzee If you don't have a board and dice, you can use this
  Watsoned A Wordle clone with different levels, word length and give up option
  PicturePuzzle The picture sliding puzzle

NOTE: Although these games are written in HTML/Java and should work on all platforms, they have only been tested on a Windows 10 platform under Internet Explorer. If you use a Macintosh, or a different browser, some functions may not work properly.

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